Off-licence Application Hearing for 111 West Street

An 81 page report has gone to Sheffield Licensing Committee covering objections to the application for the 6th West Street Off-licence, to which SCCRAG is one of the objectors. The applicant appears to be from Chester and his representative is from Leicester, so they cannot be expected to have any knowledge of the alcohol-related anti-social behaviour problems suffered by residents and businesses around West Street. A call was made by a business owner to 999 mid-January, when a paralytic drugaholic lay prone in the middle of the street. One more off-licence is bound to add to the problem of anti-social behaviour caused by alcoholics with drug and sometimes mental health problems. Business owners and residents all agree – enough is enough.

The hearing is at the Town Hall at 10am on Thursday 26th January. All are welcome to attend. In particular those who have submitted an objection are entitled to present their objection verbally, possibly in summarised form such as a request from the meeting chair … “please summarise your objection in three minutes”. It is always beneficial to have personal experiences read out at the meeting, so if you have made an objection and can attend to speak to it, that will help strengthen the objectors’ case immensely.

The view of SCCRAG is that this application should be deferred until the Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) – promised in June 2016 by the Chair of Licensing  – has been considered by Licensing Committee and decided upon. This application should then be considered in the light of any policy arising from that process. In the meantime SCCRAG is suggesting the venue opens as a convenience store.

For a copy of the SCCRAG objection to this application for a 6th off-licence in a 400 yard stretch of West Street, scroll down to the report.