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  • Sheffield City Centre Residents Action Group is the residents association for the area inside the ring road, which comprises around 20,000 people.
  • Our Next Public Meeting is 6:30pm-8:00pm on Tuesday 12th March: Guest speaker is Jackie Pass – Assistant to Chief Executive and Artistic Director at Sheffield Theatres – the largest theatre group outside London’s South Bank – come and find out about one of our City Centre Gems! 
  • All Are Welcome! 
  • To see useful contact details for S.Y. Police, Licensed Premise issues, Anti-social behaviour, begging, nuisance and more, view this page on a laptop
  • We send out emails from time to time on matters relevant to activities in the City Centre.
  • You can Register for SCCRAG emails, become a Member & send Comments Here  
    'Yes' enables us to know how many are interested in the City Centre when talking to other organisations about the number of people involved with SCCRAG - Thanks for your support if you checked 'Yes' - you will be eligible to vote at our AGM!
  • SCCRAG met in September 2018 with Sheffield Council Leader Julie Dore and three cabinet members to raise matters of concern about Sheffield City Centre. These included: 
  • SCCRAG’s views on how Sheffield City Council can enhance City Centre living, the local economy and the commercial viability of Sheffield, including the vital importance of the City Centre:
  • How to improve the future of Fargate:
  • Pedestrian Safety in the city centre:
  • Traffic and Parking issues for residents and visitors:
  • Licensing Issues in need of resolution:
  • SCC’s Appeals Process and that SCCRAG is critical of the City Council’s method of handling complaints by aggrieved residents and businesses:
  • The inappropriate use of the Local Government Ombudsman as the last line of complaint by a resident.
  • Failure to observe the Council’s own CODE OF CORPORATE GOVERNANCE

Observations from the City Council are awaited on the suggested improvements SCCRAG made at the meeting.

  • To download our review of 2018 and plans for 2019 titled “Sheffield  City Centre – Marks out of 10” – click this link
  • Download our review of 2017 titled Sheffield City Centre: the Good, the Bad and the Value of SCCRAG”  – Click HERE for a copy of the slide presentation.
  • Inner-city living makes for healthier, happier people, according to a new study. Residents of higher-density areas are more active, more socially engaged – and less obese – than people who live in the sprawl of suburbia. Click HERE for the full story in The Guardian.
  • SCCRAG holds monthly (excluding July and August) public meetings at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday in the month – usually at SRSB, 5 Mappin Street, S1 4DT. Click HERE for location. Some meeting dates and venues change, so please check your emails from SCCRAG and this website for details. We aim to bring interesting speakers with relevant topics about the city centre. 
  • If you have an issue as a resident, small business or through any involvement with the city centre, we are willing to help.
  • Our aim is to create a vibrant, liveable, attractive City Centre for the benefit of all.
  • Our large contact list includes the City Council, Police, Business Improvement District, voluntary bodies, etc.
  • You can report incidents of anti-social behaviour at SAY SUMMAT and these will be collated for particular hot-spots and raised with the police.
  • Our Conditions of Use for the SCCRAG website are shown HERE: by continuing, you are deemed to have accepted them.
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