Street Begging: what should I do?

Patrick’s Story is one of many on the streets*. How can we all help?

Please don’t give cash to beggars; this only feeds addictions to alcohol, drugs or betting – or in some cases funds a healthy person cashing in on our generosity. No-one needs to be homeless in Sheffield if they are willing to accept the support available.

  • Give food & drink
  • Donate to the agencies that support them.
  • And campaign for better care for those on the streets –

Directly help the agencies supporting the street community by donating to Sheffield’s Help-us-Help campaign @

The Mental Health Act needs updating — so that it’s easier to help someone in this position. Do what you can to influence politicians to review the issues in Patrick’s situation, which affect many on the streets.

And check out the views of City Centre Residents to see how they are impacted and why this is a pressing problem. See below for the report.

*Read the story of Patrick by his sister Abigail at   –  Abigail says “Serious changes need to be made in the system so that families are not simply reduced to waiting for the mentally ill addicted person to change their mind, watching as they deteriorate and be helpless, unable to step in. Patrick’s story is a case study for this. And Patrick is only one of many                                * See Patrick’s story in full HERE

Read below the comments of City Centre residents to see how begging impacts people:

Get involved with SCCRAG – Sheffield City Centre Residents Action Group – we are dealing with the agencies that help those on the streets.

SCCRAG – Your City Centre Community Association, where Community Action Counts