Street Begging: what should I do?

All the agencies working to help people get off the streets give the same advice – they recommend not giving cash to beggars; this only feeds addictions to alcohol, drugs or betting – or in some cases funds a healthy person cashing in on our generosity. No-one needs to be homeless in Sheffield if they are willing to accept the support available.

  • Give food & drink & have a chat
  • Donate to the agencies that support them.
  • And campaign for better care for those on the streets –

Directly help the agencies supporting the street community by donating to Sheffield’s Help-us-Help campaign @

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The Mental Health Act needs updating — so that it’s easier to help someone in this position. Do what you can to influence politicians to review the issues, which are causing a lot of the street community to have problems

Read below the comments of City Centre residents to see how begging impacts people:

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Go to our heading “Anti-social Behaviour” to see more information.

Get involved with SCCRAG – Sheffield City Centre Residents Action Group – we are dealing with the agencies that help those on the streets.

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