Sheffield City Health Report shows poor Central Ward results for smoking, alcohol and respiratory problems

The Director of Public Health Report for Sheffield, which was presented at a council meeting on Wednesday 5 October 2016, suggests that there are health inequalities in the city on a geographical basis which are not improving.

Despite the city centre only being classified as averagely deprived, the area was shown to have 553.1 smoking related diseases, 83.6 alcohol related diseases and 85.7 respiratory diseases per 100,000 people, higher than any other ward.

The Director of Public Health for Sheffield, Greg Fell, who presented the report said: “In some parts, people smoke too much, some people aren’t as active and some people drink more than they should. We probably can help more people with inequality.

Click HERE to download all the relevant reports. Click HERE for a You-Tube explanation from Health Director Greg Fell.

The report concludes by making 4 specific recommendations on how the City Council can make improvements over the next 12 months.