December Public Meeting, Tuesday 13th at 6:30pm

SCCRAG’s December meeting guest speaker is Greg Fell, the City Council’s recently appointed Director of Health, on City Centre health issues. These include the strategy for Disease and its Prevention, Lifestyle and Health, Children and Young People’s health, Community Well-being …. and the impact of Air Pollution.

Also an update on current city centre policing issues from Sgt. Matt Burdett – South Yorkshire Police officer attached to Sheffield’s Business Improvement District (BID)

Join us if you are interested in life in the city centre at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, 5 Mappin Street at 6:3pm to 8pm on Tuesday 13th December.

November Public Meeting 08/11/2016

The next SCCRAG public meeting is Tuesday 8th November at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind at 5 Mappin St. S1 4DT: 6:30pm to 8pm.

The topic is Street Community Issues – anti-social behaviour impacted by alcohol, drug use and begging. Speakers will be from agencies dealing with the current challenges.

All welcome


Sheffield City Health Report shows poor Central Ward results for smoking, alcohol and respiratory problems

The Director of Public Health Report for Sheffield, which was presented at a council meeting on Wednesday 5 October 2016, suggests that there are health inequalities in the city on a geographical basis which are not improving.

Despite the city centre only being classified as averagely deprived, the area was shown to have 553.1 smoking related diseases, 83.6 alcohol related diseases and 85.7 respiratory diseases per 100,000 people, higher than any other ward.

The Director of Public Health for Sheffield, Greg Fell, who presented the report said: “In some parts, people smoke too much, some people aren’t as active and some people drink more than they should. We probably can help more people with inequality.

Click HERE to download all the relevant reports. Click HERE for a You-Tube explanation from Health Director Greg Fell.

The report concludes by making 4 specific recommendations on how the City Council can make improvements over the next 12 months.

Paul Blomfield MP – Highlights of SCCRAG 4th October Public Meeting

Everybody had a variety of questions for Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield, so it was appreciated there was time to get all answered. They included:

  • Transport provision including the tram network, HS2, Tram-Train, access to employment and subsidised services.
  • The EU and projects they have funded and where it leaves South Yorkshire after Brexit.
  • Retail and development including the New Retail Quarter and independents, student and other housing accommodation.
  • University of Sheffield  Master-plan including access issues for residents.
  • Kelham Island and pollution, traffic rat-running and problems with some of the housing.
  • Street drinking/drug abuse and the associated anti-social behaviour. Mr Blomfield was meeting Police & Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings the next day and promised to take the issues to him.

All in all a successful meeting during which everyone was given an opportunity to speak about matters of concern and our MP explained his knowledge of many issues and promised to investigate further the unresolved matters.

September 2016 Meeting

A good public attendance 13th September at SRSB, Mappin Street, took part in a meeting covering a wide range of topics relevant to the City Centre. Over the summer we have had meetings with a range of organisations and reported on:

  1. Our successful objection along with others to Villa Mercedes application for a sexual entertainment venues licence to operate a lap dancing club in Suffolk Road, near Midland Station and the Leadmill.
  2. Meeting with Licensing on SCCRAG Cumulative Impact Policy proposals –
    • There is an investigation taking place led by Licensing into the need for a Cumulative Impact Policy for the West Street-Victoria Street-Devonshire Green area, where there have been many incidents of antisocial behaviour by members of the street community.
    • Submitting evidence of antisocial behaviour cause by a combination of alcohol, prescription drugs and ‘spice’ = chemical cannabis.
    • We also want the police to submit evidence to the investigation. Previously they have been neutral in licensing matters, but these problems have caused them a huge amount of extra work, so it makes sense for them to add evidence to the investigation.
  3. Meeting with Director for Public Health on health issues in the city centre, including Medical Services available inside the ring road – are there enough for the population and at suitable times? + the damage of 9% strength alcohol sales and air pollution levels.
  4. Meeting with the chair of Business Improvement District re City Centre issues and a change in BID board membership.
    • SCCRAG is pressing for a consultative group to be created, so BID maintains contact with the people living in the City Centre.
  5. Discussions with relevant authorities over drug and alcohol related problems in the Victoria St, Gell St and Convent Walk areas included in the other matters above.
  6. Tramlines: Generally it went well, but there were complaints about uncontrolled noise levels from the “Fringe” unofficial events.
    • When we raised this problem of excessive noise disturbing local residents the response was “But it is Tramlines weekend”.
    • After contacting Environmental Protection Service we have now been assured of a different approval process next year.
    • Before any Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is submitted for 2017 the operator must engage with Environmental Protection to discuss what control measures need to be put in place, which is likely to be a minimum of carrying out a sound check prior to the event starting and spot checks during the event (as with official Tramlines events).
    • If there is no prior engagement then EPS could look to object when TEN are submitted.
  7. University of Sheffield researchers have asked us to find for them to interview Sheffield families with three generations living in the city. They want young persons age 16+, parents and grandparents. Do we know any families that they can contact?

We welcome comments and evidence from people who have experienced these and other issues in the City Centre, and we take these up with the relevant authorities where an issue is shown to need attention. Email us at

Previous Meeting

The previous SCCRAG public meeting was on Tuesday June 14 – 6:30pm at SRSB, Mappin Street – Guest Speakers were Our Central Ward City Councillors – Cllr Rob Murphy, Cllr Douglas Johnson and Cllr Moya O’Rourke – on their hopes, fears and expectations for the City Centre.

Also the Street Drinker issues were discussed and SCCRAG’s proposal to Sheffield City Council for a Community Impact Policy review for an Alcohol Saturation Zone on West Street/Division Street

Excellent Meeting Tuesday May 10

A useful and informative SCCRAG public meeting Tuesday May 10. News about Tramlines 22–24 Jul 2016 … #Tramlines2016 was interesting, as was the situation concerning street drinkers, Gell St Park improvements and the application for a Cumulative Impact Policy Alcohol Saturation Zone for West Street and Devonshire Green. It was good to have our three new City Centre Councillors there also. Next public meeting is Tuesday 14th June at SRSB, Mappin Street.