Our objectives

What is SCCRAG? Sheffield City Centre Residents’ Action Group.

SCCRAG is a volunteer group that strives to foster a sense of community and provide a forum for people who live, work and play in the City Centre to raise issues affecting life there.
What are SCCRAG’s Objectives?
• To bring together all parties that have an interest in keeping the City Centre vibrant, clean, well-designed, safe and enjoyable for the 19,000 people who reside in Sheffield City Centre, within the ring road.
• To improve all aspects of City Centre life through education, debate and discussion.
• To create an acceptable balance between the needs of residents, businesses and the night-time economy so that all who live in, or use the City Centre, can enjoy its benefits.
• To collect and disseminate information of use to residents and to provide advice for residents who require assistance with an issue relating to living in the City Centre: for example, noise regulations, cleaning controls, litter regulations, graffiti and apartment block management.
• To present the views of the group to appropriate bodies when action needs to be taken to improve an aspect of life in the City Centre. This may include the need to lobby, campaign or otherwise influence such bodies.

Who can come to SCCRAG meetings?

• People who live in the City Centre.
• Owners of businesses whose activities have an impact on those who live in the City Centre.
• Representatives of the main agencies involved in maintaining law and order, providing governance and education, and managing public resources and public spaces.
· Anyone with an interest in maximising the benefits of Sheffield City Centre, whether they live there or come from outside

When and Where are meetings held?

The group meets at 6.30 on the 2nd Tuesday in each month (except July and August) at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (SRSB), 5 Mappin Street, S1 4DT (just off West Street).
For how to contact us and for further details on membership and meetings, and information on other organisations that have connections with City Centre living, please follow the links below.


Those people who are interested in the aims and objectives of SCCRAG are invited to meet on a regular basis.
A committee, formed by agreement, will comprise a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and an unspecified number of committee members. As there is no fixed number for membership of this group, there is no minimum number of members who must be present for valid transactions to take place; a quorum consists of those who attend the meeting.
Officials of supporting bodies such as the City Council and Police can be representatives on this committee as long as residents are in the majority and hold the permanent chairmanship. (i.e. An official of a supporting body can act in a temporary capacity as chair if the recognised chair is absent or the position needs to be filled by voting at a meeting.)