Objections to the Revised Glossop Road Bus Gate: 16:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday

If you have an example of a problem experienced at the Glossop Road Bus Gate – email SCCRAG@gmail.com

SCCRAG HAS BEEN OBJECTING to Sheffield City Council on behalf of residents, local businesses and visitors about the revised traffic layout on the outward lane of Glossop Road from Regent Street (Boots Pharmacy) to the Hanover Way ring road. The new scheme is misleading, badly signed, complicated, damaging to businesses and highly inconvenient for residents and visitors. The plans were made public in May 2015 at a consultation exercise carried out to explain the revised Sheffield University Campus at Leavygreave Road.

SCCRAG believes the CONSULTATION WAS FLAWED because a vital change to move bus gate enforcement was not relayed to the public, there was a promised report back on issues raised that failed to materialise, the scheme as implemented did not follow some of the explained design and the misleading scheme is giving the impression that drivers cannot access this section of Glossop Road at all.

Why we are objecting?

THE MISLEADING DESIGN at the bus gate entrance makes it appear that the section of road is closed at all times – see photos below. The city council has refused to change this, citing Department for Transport (DfT) signs and Transport Penalty Tribunal (TPT) rulings as reasons. SCCRAG evidence suggests neither of these prevent clear signs at the gate explaining times of operation, nor do they mandate green paint on the road that gives the impression of a 24 hour ban. Sheffield City Council has been misleading in its explanations and failed to listen to the concerns of local people.

SIGNS are POOR. The scheme as implemented means that anyone needing to access this section of Glossop Road from West Street between 16:00 and 18:30, Mon-Fri has to divert via Regent Street, Portobello and Regent Terrace. This is not adequately signed and SCC refuses to make this diversion clear.

CAMERA ENFORCEMENT has been switched from Gell Street bus-gate to Regent Street bus-gate. Previously – and by custom and practice – drivers needing access during the operating times could cross the Regent Street gate (technically illegally) but in the knowledge that a penalty fine would not be issued, because that camera was not enforced. SCC was assumed to accept this principle because the Portobello diversion to avoid the non-enforced Regent Street bus gate and re-enter Glossop Road for access was never sign-posted. Crossing the Gell Street gate would however generate a penalty ticket. This meant that residents, customers and visitors could access the area from West Street without penalty as long as they did not cross the second, Gell Street, gate. And it worked!

But now this has been stopped. Camera enforcement has been reversed. Without explaining this change during consultation, crossing the Regent Street gate during operating hours generates a penalty fine. Crossing the second gate at Gell Street is illegal, but does not generate a camera-enforced penalty. Consequently access into this section of Glossop Road is now challenging, badly signed, confusing and convoluted.

What has happened to our objections?

So far, the city council officers have put up a host of reasons why they will make no changes to this flawed scheme. As stated above, SCC use of DfT and TPT rules as justification of this scheme are not true. SCC claims that the scheme is little different to the previous scheme, but that is also untrue; it has a massive impact on how the bus lane appears (as a 24/7 ban on entry) and how the access diversion is (badly) signposted. Businesses are losing customers, visitors cannot understand the access rules, residents are being penalised by time and fines due to changing the camera enforcement location.

SCCRAG has exhausted the unsatisfactory Appeals process to Sheffield City Council. The next stage is to review the legality of all aspects of the scheme to look for a legal challenge, submit an appeal to the Local Government Ombudsman, provide evidence of damage to businesses for legal claims, complain to University of Sheffield, whose consultants AECOM were involved in the scheme.

SCCRAG is coordinating these activities, which involve affected parties. If you have an example of a problem experienced due to the misleading design of Glossop Road Bus Gate – email SCCRAG@gmail.com

Bus gate at non-operational times: looks like a 24/7 access ban

The DfT sign SCCRAG wants adding to the gate, showing operating times

Bus Gate appearance when signs open during operation

SCCRAG – July 2017