Glossop Road Bus-Gate: Proposed Changes:

SCCRAG has complained long and hard about the revised traffic scheme on Glossop Road that arose from University of Sheffield enlarging its Campus by the pedestrianisation of Leavy Greave Road in summer 2016. It is misleading, dangerous, badly signed, damaging local businesses, isolating for residents and visitors and appears to operate 24/7/365 when it actually operates 16:00 to 18:30 Monday to Friday.

We are pleased to report that, at 1st August 2017 a list of proposed changes has been received from Sheffield City Council, as follows:

Work being priced:

  1. Remove the current variable signs at both bus gates (three at Regent Street and two at Gell street)
  2. Replace all variable signs with fixed blue roundel bus gate signs at both bus gates (three at Regent Street and two at Gell street) signs with additional sign plate below showing days / times of bus gate operation
  3. Remove or cover over with grey material the green tarmac surfacing at Regent Street and Gell street bus gates
  4. Remove / cover over the existing “BUS, TAXI, CYCLE ONLY” road marking.
  5. Replace with current specification road marking: “BUS GATE”
  6. Install evening peak hour loading restriction with appropriate signing on Regent Terrace (subject to processing the necessary traffic regulation order)
  7. Provide a sign at the top of Regent St / Regent Terrace “loop” on corner of Portobello and St Georges Terrace directing “Local Traffic Only” towards Glossop Rd down Regent Terrace and “Other Traffic Ring Road” up St Georges Terrace to the ring road.
  8. Replace the current “Other Traffic” sign at the Regent St bus gate with one which says” Other Traffic Ring Road”. This will be a larger sign which should be clearer to drivers.
  9. Sign on Glossop Rd at Gell St bus gate which says “Ring Road Other Traffic” ( and directs traffic up Gell St towards ring road) to be removed as now redundant
  10. “Other Traffic” sign (pointing down Glossop Rd towards city centre) being relocated from junction of Glossop Rd / Gell St to junction of Glossop Rd and Regent Street to direct drivers up Regent St as this si the most suitable route towards the ring road.

Most of these changes were requested by SCCRAG. Work began in January 2018 with replacement signs that now show the times of bus-gate operation and at the time of publishing work continues……