Comments Needed on City Air Pollution + Glossop Road Bus-Gate

Cleaning Sheffield’s Polluted Air

Sheffield City Council is considering measures to clean up our polluted air. Council suggestions include a 20 mph speed limit inside the inner ring road and a ban on idling engines in stationary vehicles.

What suggestions do you have? SCCRAG is looking for ideas. Please let us have yours.

Living in the centre makes it obvious the air is dirty. Any light-coloured items left outside soon get a covering film of tiny black soot-like particles – we are breathing that stuff in. There is a map of the city showing pollution levels at a range of monitoring sites at Unfortunately many of these sites are no longer being recorded – hence the gaps when you click on some sites. Disappointing that our own council is unable to give us the data needed to know where the worst locations are.

The lower the levels of air pollution, the better the cardiovascular and respiratory health of the population, particularly for children, the elderly and those with breathing problems. By reducing air pollution, cities can reduce the burden from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma. This lengthens all our lives and reduces NHS costs.

In 2006 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assigned a health standard for particulate matter = PM 2.5 of maximum 35 micro-grams per cubic metre (µg/m³) because levels above 35µg/m³ are associated with significantly higher health and mortality risks.

The University roundabout at Brook Hill is on this 35 limit, Abbeydale Road corridor and Netherthorpe are around 45, Duke Street and Park Square roundabout are around 50, Shoreham Street is over 50. Being inside a car is little protection from these particulates. Our main road problem is caused primarily by car, bus, truck and taxi engine emissions, in particular diesels.

SCCRAG has made air pollution one of its core issues.

Do you support the 20mph limit? And the ban on idling engines (assuming it can be enforced)

Email us with your ideas……


Glossop Road Bus-gate – latest news at 07-08-2017:

SCCRAG has been pressing for urgent changes to the revised Glossop Road traffic scheme, resulting from pedestrianisation of Leavy Greave Road for Sheffield University campus improvement.

The effect of the green paint on the highway with ‘Buses, Trams, Bicycles Only’ written across, with no sign explaining it only operates 4pm to 6:30 Monday to Friday has been to deter people from gaining access to homes and businesses between Regent Street and the ring road at Upper Hannover Street. The impression is of a 24/7 ban on entry.

After 12 months of SCCRAG complaining about the scheme, the misleading consultation and the resulting problems, a set of revised proposals has been given to SCCRAG by the city council, which are:

1.     Remove the current variable signs at both bus gates (three at Regent Street and two at Gell street)

2.     Replace all variable signs with fixed blue roundel bus gate signs with additional sign plate below showing days / times of bus gate operation

3.     Remove or cover over with grey material the green tarmac surfacing at Regent Street and Gell street bus gates

4.     Remove / cover over the existing “BUS, TAXI, CYCLE ONLY” road marking.

5.     Replace with current specification road marking: “BUS GATE”

6.     Install evening peak hour loading  restriction with appropriate signing on Regent Terrace (subject to processing the necessary traffic regulation order)

7.     Provide a sign at the top of Regent St / Regent Terrace “loop” on corner of Portobello and St Georges Terrace directing “Local Traffic Only” towards Glossop Rd down Regent Terrace and “Other Traffic Ring Road” up St Georges Terrace to the ring road.

8.     Replace the current “Other Traffic” sign at the Regent St bus gate with one which says” Other Traffic Ring Road”. This will be a larger sign which should be clearer to drivers.

9.     Sign on Glossop Rd at Gell St bus gate which says “Ring Road Other Traffic” ( and directs traffic up Gell St towards ring road) to be removed as now redundant

10.  “Other Traffic” sign (pointing down Glossop Rd towards city centre) being relocated from junction of Glossop Rd / Gell St to junction of Glossop Rd and Regent Street to direct drivers up Regent St as this si the most suitable route towards the ring road.

If you have any comments on these proposals, please email SCCRAG to let us have them ASAP.