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Sheffield City Centre Residents Action Group is the residents association for the area inside the ring road.

Next Meeting = Tuesday June 13th at 6:30pm at SRSB, 5 Mappin Street – Our guest speaker is Diane Jarvis, manager of the Sheffield Business Improvement District project, BID, which is raising c.£800,000 annually to bring improvements to the City Centre. All are welcome. 

  • SCCRAG holds monthly public meetings at 6:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday in the month at SRSB, 5 Mappin Street, S1 4DT. Click HERE for location. 
  • If you have an issue as a resident, small business or through any involvement with the city centre, we are willing to help.
  • Our aim is to create a vibrant, liveable, attractive City Centre for the benefit of all.
  • Our large contact list includes the City Council, Police, Business Improvement District, voluntary bodies, etc.
  • You can report incidents of anti-social behaviour at SAY SUMMAT and these will be collated for particular hot-spots and raised with the police.
  • If you are interested in becoming involved, email us.
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Sheffield Needs Cleaner Air to Improve Health

An article in Sheffield Telegraph by SCCRAG Chair Peter Sephton, April 20, 2017:

SCCRAG represents people living in the city centre, so air quality is a priority. My three-year-old grand-daughter suffers breathing problems and when Sheffield’s air pollution is bad, her attacks are frightening.

A recent investigation by the Guardian revealed hundreds of thousands of children exposed to illegal levels of diesel pollution near schools and nurseries. Admissions to hospital rise on high-pollution days. Premature deaths in the elderly and the sick increase due to diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Latterly diesel engines were encouraged as cleaner than petrol, but both types of engines emit particulates and harmful gases. Partic­ulates get into our bodies, lungs, bloodstream and from recent studies, probably have relevance to cancer and de­mentia. Within urban areas, the pollutant contributions from road transport are par­ticularly high and in London can reach 8o per cent. Shef­field has blackspots where pollutant levels have hardly changed over 10 years.

We all need to do some­thing and the first challenge is public information. Where are the places we should try not to drive? How clean is the air around each school? Can we display local pollution levels, like a roadside moni­tor? London sets the pace – its 2020 Ultra Low Emission Zone is a central area within which all vehicles will meet strict standards or pay a daily charge to travel.

How can Sheffield encourage changes? How do we reduce emissions from cars, taxis, buses and trucks?

Stagecoach introduced some hybrid buses. What progress on pressing others to go all-hybrid? Let’s offer free parking for electric cars, encourage charging stations and fix a maximum parking rate of £1 for hybrids.

Work with operators, suppliers and car distributors to agree deals. Sadly Sheffield’s recent Go Low Ultra Cities Scheme bid for £10 million failed because it ‘lacked ambition on delivery’. Ten cities received a share of £14m to fund electric taxi charging points. West Yorkshire got £2 million but frustratingly Sheffield did not even submit a bid. Our city once led in cleaning the air. Let’s devise a strong plan, seek government funds and make ourselves much healthier.

Centre Liaison Manager for The Moor speaking at SCCRAG April Public Meeting, Tuesday 11th at 6:30pm, SRSB, 5 Mappin Street

On Tuesday 11th April our guest speaker was Sandra Barley, the Centre Liaison Manager for The Moor, which is starting to appear in its new, modern styling. Click HERE for the STAR report.

Primark opened October 2016, Atkinsons is undergoing a make-over, Deichmann, Dorothy Perkins and Ann Summers have opened, new stores are coming and The Light Experience will open very soon.

This will be a 9 screen, all digital cinema surrounded by restaurants and is part of the phase 2 development of The Moor by Scottish Widows Investment Property Partnership Trust.

Come along to hear Sandra explain what’s happening and when and how The Moor is becoming a great attraction in the city centre.

Police involvement

Following the recent commitment to Community Policing by SYP, the HMIC PEEL assessment report , the well-documented anti-social behaviour in the West Street area, including a murder and a serious mugging and the fact that SCCRAG is the only resident representation body we are looking for our local police to regularly attend SCCRAG meetings.

City Centre Manager speaking at March Public Meeting, Tuesday 14th at 6:30pm, SRSB, 5 Mappin Street

Our next open meeting is Tuesday 14th March at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, 5 Mappin Street at 6:30pm to 8pm. All welcome.

Guest speaker is City Centre Manager Richard EyreThe City Centre Management Team under Richard aims to create and sustain a quality city centre environment that is clean, safe, vibrant and welcoming and to create a sense of pride and ownership for all users.  They do this by working in partnership with retailers, the  business and leisure sectors and with the public who live, work, or choose to visit Sheffield. They also monitor our city’s performance against national targets and other large cities across the country. Responsibilities include Ambassadors, cleanliness, use of promotional space, leaflet distribution, coordination with the Business Improvement District,  Retailers Against Crime and the Purple Flag accreditation.

Join us if you are interested in life in the city centre.

6th Off-licence Granted in West Street!

Despite strong protects from SCCRAG on behalf of residents and local businesses, the City Council Licensing Sub-Committee on 26-01-2017 granted a licence for a 6th alcohol outlet in 400 yards of West Street, which now becomes the alcohol epicentre of the city!

Representatives of Licensing told the meeting that is is the responsibility of the police to control the extreme anti-social behaviour caused by excessive alcohol on West Street. SCCRAG disagreed; this is a problem for EVERYONE to address, including the people handing out the licences!

When the previous (5th) licence was granted in June 2016, at our prompting the chair of licensing committee promised an investigation into whether a Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) should be introduced. Nothing happened for six months, but in January 2017 work has begun …at last!

The photo above is an example of the alcohol problems on West Street. Taken outside the Department for Work & Pensions, Rockingham House, 123 West Street on Friday, 16 December 2016 @ 17:07hrs it shows spilled alcohol being licked off the pavement by an inebriated alcoholic.

Will the City Council do something to control this? SCCRAG is determined to get a three-year chaotic problem sorted.

Off-licence Application Hearing for 111 West Street

An 81 page report has gone to Sheffield Licensing Committee covering objections to the application for the 6th West Street Off-licence, to which SCCRAG is one of the objectors. The applicant appears to be from Chester and his representative is from Leicester, so they cannot be expected to have any knowledge of the alcohol-related anti-social behaviour problems suffered by residents and businesses around West Street. A call was made by a business owner to 999 mid-January, when a paralytic drugaholic lay prone in the middle of the street. One more off-licence is bound to add to the problem of anti-social behaviour caused by alcoholics with drug and sometimes mental health problems. Business owners and residents all agree – enough is enough.

The hearing is at the Town Hall at 10am on Thursday 26th January. All are welcome to attend. In particular those who have submitted an objection are entitled to present their objection verbally, possibly in summarised form such as a request from the meeting chair … “please summarise your objection in three minutes”. It is always beneficial to have personal experiences read out at the meeting, so if you have made an objection and can attend to speak to it, that will help strengthen the objectors’ case immensely.

The view of SCCRAG is that this application should be deferred until the Cumulative Impact Policy (CIP) – promised in June 2016 by the Chair of Licensing  – has been considered by Licensing Committee and decided upon. This application should then be considered in the light of any policy arising from that process. In the meantime SCCRAG is suggesting the venue opens as a convenience store.

For a copy of the SCCRAG objection to this application for a 6th off-licence in a 400 yard stretch of West Street, scroll down to the report.

January Public Meeting: Tuesday 10th at 6:30pm

SCCRAG’s January 2017 meeting is a review of current issues affecting the City Centre and a discussion on resident and local business priorities for the coming year.

We will be discussing …….
~ the latest application for an off-licence on West Street to be heard by Licensing Committee at 10am in the Town Hall on Thursday 26th January – making six on West Street if granted;
+ the Help-us-Help campaign for beggars & street drinkers and getting it fully functional;
+ whether premises licensing conditions should be available to view online;
+ issues surrounding the new bus & tram-gate on Glossop Road.
+ anything you want to raise that is viewed as a priority to be taken up by the City Centre Resident Action Group on behalf of residents and small businesses.

Join us if you are interested in life in the city centre at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, 5 Mappin Street at 6:3pm to 8pm on Tuesday 10th January.